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The journey
towards the within.

An exploration of
who you think you are.

To the realization of
who you really are.

What is ...?








Spirituality is the path towards the within, towards that what makes us living, ...our very spirit as a search of who we really are and the quest in finding answers to existential questions.


It is the journey generated by the sense "that there is something more to life" or a necessity to liberate ourselves from past conditionments, identifications, trauma's and suffering.


It is a life changing process, initiated by introspection and meditation,  that reveals a growing awareness or a speciousness,
as the other pole in the polarity of life, the none physical or the formless as the background of everything that is manifesting.

It is gaining insights in the activities of who you are, the working of your mind, your emotions, thoughts and feelings. To establish the contact with your very inner self, your soul, as the guide in the creation of a conscious and purposeful life.

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The journey


Although the numerous mediums and techniques given, there is not really a manual for spirituality. The journey is highly individual and embodies re- connecting with our inner being, the entity within and entails "the way back to the source".

It is shifting our focus from the outside to our inner world. Assessing our past experiences, the identifications with knowledge, beliefs and convictions, norms and values, conditionments of educational, social, cultural and political systems that have been taught or have been imposed upon us.


Gradually pieces of these identifications will start to crumble and make space for an inner awareness and emptiness as the background for a more profound observation and the finding of our own truth. It is "undoing your self" and is very often experienced as "losing your mind" or "my life if falling apart".

The spaciousness will bring new perspective on yourself, your surrounding and life, where you'll find your truth and happiness.

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