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"Pain is inherent to life"

We all experience pain somehow. No species is an exception to the rule. The chicks hatch, the  pushed out horse to take its place in the herd, a crying baby for a taken away toy and ... relationships. It is an equal part in the game of polarity and we cannot experience one side of life without the other. It is an undeniable factor of life with only one goal: learning.

For a large majority of people, this approach remains an unintegrated reality. Because many people do their best to prevent pain with resources, substitutes and compensatory behaviors. To the physical and mental limits of their body. But pain is part of life and it is real. And everything we resist, persists. So in the end it is an invincible game in which pain will shift from one form of manifestations to another, physically, psychologically or spiritually,

We have the freedom to approach it in different ways, consciously or unconsciously. The conscious path leads to acceptance and life through the transforming power that contains pain. While the unconscious way leads to the pain remaining and generating of even more pain, inflicted on ourselves or others. Because unresolved pain will only attract more pain.

Natural reflex

Every being has the natural reflex to prevent pain. It is part of our survival mechanism that drives, protects and supports us. The pain I am talking about is the pain as part of life. In whatever form it manifests itself, it is the pain that is bound by our natural unfolding, our evolution in human consciousness. And this means that you go through the different growth phases and experience both sides, happiness and unhappiness.

It is also a natural reflex to assass pain. When something or someone hurts us. It is the perception of our learning and avoiding relapses in repetitive behavior and situations. Yet our attitude to pain is increasingly perpendicular to our natural reflex. We have become true masters of ignoring, avoiding or denying pain, using pills for any discomfort that pops up, creating and maintaining a well-oiled pharmaceutical industry that's controlling our lives in the unconscious game of pain.

We do not notice that when pain manifests in our lives, we are beyond our natural reflex and that pain as part of our growing consciousness has a message for us. Just like the natural reflex, we have to be careful and maintain our car. Covering the red light on our dashboard, the simple indicator that something needs our attention, will undeniably run into trouble if not addressed.

The only variable we have is "time".

natural reflex"

Unproc. emo

Causes of pain

"unprocessed emotions"

Solomun - Boris Brejcha - Maceo Plex.jpg

The first is the unresolved pain of past experiences. When we go through life experiences, regardless of their nature, we experience them on three different levels;

  • the level of the body where we experience the sentimental and emotional components,

  • the level of the mind with the psychological component and

  • the level of the soul with the spiritual component.

Everything in life is constantly on the move. Everything is energy, our physical appearance, our thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, dreams, are all energy in motion, "e-motion". But if we

  • by ignorance, by not knowing how to deal with certain experiences,

  • or by apathy, by not being able to feel or feel the situation,

  • or unconsciously by being disconnected from our inner source or soul,

  • energy residues, are not fully lived and will remain in our mind as a painful memory and a stress or tension field in our body.

Quite often, when painful experiences occur, we shut ourselves off, consciously or unconsciously. Influences are numerous, both internally and externally as responsible effects or conditioning. For the external we have our educational, social, cultural and political environment. While our own view of life, thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs and beliefs are the internal features.

The most common mechanisms remain in
the relationship with our parents. They are the first beings for us, as newborns, who represent the role model in our unfolding. Knowing that they are also the result of a previous generation with different values ​​and norms, depending on their bios, unresolved problems and traumas, it is obvious that projection is just around the corner. They treat and condition according the same patterns by which they were defined. And so pain and behavioral patterns are passed on from generation to generation.

The nature of these experiences can vary among all the characteristics of a person. From supporting or blocking the development of good thinking, establishing boundaries and inner content, natural dominance and submission, the development or inhibition of feelings and emotions, stimulation or destruction of sexual unfolding, thrust, aggression, identity, etc. The list is endless.

Unmanif. soul

Causes of pain

"Non-manifested soul energie"


We are all spiritual beings, whether we are aware of it or not.
But impressions like;


  • "I should have followed my guts",

  • "listened to my inner voice" or

  • "I feel there is more to life"


to spiritual masters, higher energies, enlightenment, consciousness or the existence of God, indicate that there is at least the potential for something more in life. How far one wants to explore it, is entirely individual.

For those who have chosen the path of exploration,


  • looking for answers to unusual perceptions,

  • forms of suffering where the general medical approach cannot provide sufficient support

  • or just the inner belief of a higher path, entity or presence,

  • will know that the newly acquired state of being is subject to an undeniable truth.

We all have intuition, a sense of inner guidance that helps us from time to time or as a reliable presence in things to do or to leave. That inner voice is always in the background, due to the noise and hustle of our social structure.

Listening to it has almost always resulted in the right thing to do, while ignoring or disconnecting from it, without exception leads to friction, resistance or failure. The degree to which we are in contact with it determines the clarity of our purpose in life.

If you don't listen to it or disconnect, the path we need to follow will be different. Friction and tension will settle and manifest in the body. Since our body is the monitor of our general computer, they will become visible based on symptoms, disorders, energy loss, illness (acute or chronic, depends only on how long we challenge the limits of the body) and death as ultimate state.

It is clear that both pain generators are present in ourselves. We are the accumulation of our past experiences and the ever-growing awareness of our soul. This can be very confusing and chaotic at times. But that doesn't make it any less true.



Suffering is the unconscious identification with our brain activity. The relentless circulation of thoughts, the identification with things around us, making them ours, generates an unstoppable disturbance,......when we get stuck in them or belief them.

Our mind is therefore like the processor of a computer, which searches, scans, screens and labels information. And it is very good at what it does. Only when loss occurs we do notice how reliable we were on it and not for one instance would we want to change it, switch to a lesser version or a slower speed.

The only difference, apart from the fact that the processor doesn't feel, is that it is not the computer, just as we are not our minds. It is part of us, just as the processor is part of the computer, but it does not define us unless we are "identified" with it.

Suffering is precisely the identification with the mind, and not with the whole as a person, the computer. Suffering is this mechanism that attaches importance to everything that will fade and disappear one day. Whether this is information, knowledge, your personality, status, ego, etc.

It is primarily created by human evolution, our educational and social system that promotes identification with the mind and preserves the development of other areas of human existence. But just as a computer is bound by a general idea and forms a whole to represent a functional entity, we as humans are also a whole and not just a mind.

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