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My reasons for coaching

Why coaching?



As long as I can remember people have been approaching me and sharing me their story. Not just the daily happenings, but the deeper movements of their life. Who they were, what they had experienced and what they were going through in this very moment. One way or another they seemed to find the necessary confidence to trust me their thoughts, feelings and emotions. Almost with a feeling of surprise, that such encounters have become a rareness in this world. To me it was the most natural thing.

Why coaching?



Another reason is a deeper sense and insight on people and situations. It has always been clear to me what I saw in the world. Not always literally with my eyes but more with my sixth sense. A deep rooted presence and refined hyper sensibility in perceiving the state of being of someone, their current consciousness, preoccupations, physical and mental tensions and the deviation of their natural state of harmony or well being.

Why coaching?



Although languages in school failed on me for the majority of the time, words, reading and writing have always been incredible tools to my disposal. Meticulously describing situations, word plays and descriptions of matter and situations never had an alibi.

Why coaching?



Everything has its cause in life, whether it goes, to our perception or interpretation good or bad. I never found any solace in focusing on the consequences and not getting to the real reason of change. Common sense and a logic mind are the tools in order to get to the source of things.

Why coaching?



More and more we notice that the medical world has no answers to the prevailing symptoms and diseases of our time. Advanced specialization has divided man into so many sub-areas that we have drifted from the unity that we are, as human beings. A unity in which everything is connected on the three most known levels; body, mind and soul. So it is inconceivable that a symptom can only be a manifestation on one level, the body for example. True healing lies in acknowledging those interrelationships and not engaging in mere symptom treatment. It is our soul energy that makes it known through the body that something must change in our consciousness. How else could we experience that there is something wrong with us, "being our true self ", than the manifestation in the body?

Why coaching?




True spirituality is characterized by un-doing, peeling of the different layers of identification and conditionments to establish a closer contact with your living force inside, your soul. This process, which is often very painful and uncomfortable, both physically and psychologically can bring years of intense suffering, disorientation, depression and the loss of all knowledge, certainties and values along. The layers of what we thought we were are crumbling down to leave us who we really are. An imminent silence ans spaciousness becomes the guidance of your existence as the manifestation of your soul and life's purpose.


A ray of light into the emptiness

Arolite is a name that came to me one day when I was writing some essays about happenings in my life. But before elaborating its meaning, I'll take you along a part of my life's history.

As a child I seemed to feel different than others. Like I didn't fit in, but than literally nowhere. I just didn't seem interested in the same things as my fellow age friends and was never really part of one group or another. As if, instead of being an active member of the group, being part of it, I kind of was the observer of them, their activities,.....and strangely enough of "myself" as well.

That made it as a kid quiet challenging, knowing that kids depend on their environment like home, the play yard, their social environment as the main field where they can learn, interact to grow their identity. Feeling on the outside made my childhood and a considerable part of my life a striving for identification, trying the best I could to fit in and went to extremes to find some kind of appreciation of my surrounding environment and peers,..... in vain!

Later on in life, the same pattern remained. But what manifested, besides some fields of interests like sports, the human body, their behavior and nature, was the sensation "there was more to life". More than the common pathways of getting an education, a job, an household with some accessories and sitting out life.

I just couldn't define what "that more" was, although felt it throughout my whole existence. You can't really expect from your parents to educate you in something that I couldn't really grasp or communicate. Let alone the field of expertise they were completely ignorant about.

It became clearer in my education of physiotherapy, the resulting massage and healing practice, and certainly the spiritual pathway with my guides who meticulously walked me through my own conditionments, thought patterns and psycho- emotional and physical symptoms and blockages.

There I found "the answers to there is more to life" than what the majority of people are experiencing. I got confirmed of the sensations I had felt till that day. I got clarity and trust that there is a whole new dimension beyond "the life as we know as matter". There is energy, there is vibration, and there is consciousness. This resonated entirely with me. In my past experiences with people, where I wasn't the most talkative, but when my opinion was asked, and somehow it always came down to that point, I could elaborate with an undeniable clarity about the situation. As if I had not only knowledge about the visual world, but also the non visual, that gave me a vast deeper insight in the behavior and presence of any situation and its members. Very often I was called "The X-ray", possessing the screening depths and transparency of people and their behavior.

What was for them utter surprise, was to me the most regular aspect of life, cos I lived it. It was only throughout the depths of my spiritual journey, where I started off the first years with meditation, followed with introspection and peeling the inner layers and conditionments of my past, resulted in the manifestation of a deep inner space within me, as the depth of who I really was; the spaciousness, the consciousness, the void, the awareness, the silence within, as a reflecting background of my existing appearance in the material world.

The more layers I was letting go off, the closer I grew to what was so more as the real me. In fact I went so deeply into this realm, that I started only to identify with this aspect of my existence, resulting in a major generation of both physical and psycho- emotional pain and intense suffering.

It was only years later, that it came to me that in fact it was me who was generating it. We are not only the non-material, just as we are not only the material. But when you start identifying yourself with only one or the other, you exclude one of the most fundamental principles of the universe, "polarity". It was after this realization that I slowly accepted my material existence again in my life, resulting in the dissolving and disappearing of my physical and psycho- emotional symptoms.

And this ultimately lead to more inner balance, the establishment with my inner being, my soul. It lead to experiencing the happiness and joy from within. A strong and intense contact with who I really am, and my purpose in life. It lead to "Arolite", revealing the meaning of
" A ray of light into the emptiness". An imminent presence that possesses transparency, depth and a highly pronounced sensibility in the perception of life, energy and awareness.

It is this being I felt when I was born. This is me. This is my purpose and serves now as the ray that sheds its light onto the evolution of others, in the discovery of who they are.

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