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is finding freedom

finding your true self



"We are
part of whole
and the whole
on ourselves"


Everything we are is also represented on all levels of life. The levels of which we humans are build up and the levels of which we as humans are part of. As a human we experience life on 3 levels; body, mind and soul. Regardless of how you are aware of this or not. When we consider what concerns us most in this life (and not everyone shares this experience, which does not mean that it is not the most necessary, regardless of your activity here on earth) is "love".

This word has a unique interpretation for every person, at every level of experience. From the most isolated tribe to the most developed man in our society. But it is indeed about the
"heart". The heart as the core of life, from which, according to our scientific findings, it appears that the impulse to life is generated in an electric node and energetically charged field of the heart. For all the generations we have been able to experience, it is seems the core of humanity.

If we look at this now at a lower level, we arrive at the composition of the body. Our body is made up of cells, responding, at least to scientific findings, responding to some ingeniously and universal laws, form different structures, systems and organs. Just as the heart the central nucleus is for humans, so is the cell nucleus the most important center of a cell. If we go one level deeper, we arrive at the atoms, which are again determined by the atomic nucleus, and further, arriving at the protons, neutrons and electrons, all characterized by the same principle.

Going into the other direction, we have the earth, which also has a core that has a great deal of importance in the earthly processes. In order to rise to a higher level, our earth is also part of another whole, in which, like all other structures, depend on the underlying levels, the core of our galaxy,
the sun.

This brings us to the conclusion that everything that lives depends on its core, and it appears that that core, at whatever level, has to do with heat, and with connection. Because when it extinguishes, everything that is directly and indirectly connected to it, ceases to exist.

Hence the importance, for anyone who wants to become aware of it, to live with his heart, is an indisputable subject for many people. However, nothing is more difficult for us than love.


Given the state of humanity and how it moves on wafer-thin ice, as the statistical representation of reality that demonstrates the divorce rate has become significantly greater than the percentage of which we "can "remain faithful to each other", we have found the most playful excuses of our era for everything concerning this topic. And yet, they remain equally cold, together with his even so cooled down excuses.


That humanity has creatively distracted itself with the most diverse variants of sexuality and romanticism, which also seem to result in tremendous forms of fear, ignorance and the illusions that inevitably cooled down together with the decades, and thus destined to disappear.

We are all at heart, you might say. So it may have its importance.



"Be here who

you truly are.


All else is identification with who you are not".


Are you living your life, or the life of someone else?


In the eyes of the new born relies the sparkling fragility of his soul. We all recognize or even remember this scene from our personal experience when observing a baby, or for some, maybe even the memory of our own birth. It is this glimpse, the reflection of purity and fragility. It is the vivid expression of, when carefully taken care of, a yet unknown entity, "our growing life-force".

As we all know, this new born is the continuation of a previous generation. As from the moment he sees the light, he will be subject to some very influences on his growing. At first, the external influences as the family he was born into, characterized by the values and norms inherited from their parents, the educational environment and ruling dynamics, social, cultural and political. Later on he will also be shaped by inner influences like his own thoughts, interpretations, assessments, ideas and dreams.

​Throughout these influences, depending on the circumstances, he is in one way or another shaped, formed or misformed. When the circumstances were stimulating, they were in favor or his development. If not, they were harmful. Very often we see that the conditionments of the previous generations, the ones to which our parents were subject to, are copied, projected or even imposed.That leaves us with a whole lot of impersonal, useless and distorted information, burned onto our very personal life-recording. Very often it leads to;

  • the generation of a pseudo- identity.

  • having lost the contact with the inner voice.

  • feelings of not knowing who your are or where you belong.

  • hiding behind a mask and playing a role to cover up your weakness.

  • not being entirely yourself and not knowing how to behave in general or in given situations.

  • living a life on rational convictions, which misses the balance by the profound contact with your inner being. 

  • living the life of your parents, of their ideals, projections and dreams they never could realize themselves for the very same reasons.

  • ....

This way a lot of individuals are creating a life which is based upon a false pretense. Conditioned by the values, norms and opinions of others. Feeling lost, stuck, scared or guilty to form an opinion of their own and change the situation, change their life. To change their destiny, leaving them stuck in a job they don't like, collecting matter they don't like, or don't see the devaluation of it in time, but are subject to it because it seems important to others.

Losing their very authentic skills, passion and dreams. Their inner voice, screaming in the back of their heads, until they die. Having lived an empty and unfulfilled life because it was lived according values not of their own.

Everyone  is always the one who is experiencing it. Is the one who has undergone the influences and has identified with it. Whether this was on the material, psycho- emotional or spiritual level. It is also this same individual who can change it. The inner voice never really shuts down. That is impossible. It is the governor of our soul calling for attention. Paying attention to it, to this calling, will result in a closer contact. Depending on the time you have ignored it, it will take some time to gain it back. Because it is covered up with patterns and behavior which are not yours. And that is the only thing your can loose, but what you have to gain, "you"! Your authentic self.

The Truth

The truth

"No one
holds the truth.


Except for those who have the strength and courage to find it within".


A vast majority of humans are having, in one way or another, questions about life. If not about the existential topics as where do we come from or what are we doing here. Every single one of us though is certainly challenged with his own questions. Like, "who am I" and "what is my purpose in life"?​

To find the answer on these questions, we can rely upon some commonly known approaches. There are 3 known ones. Science, as the analysis of nature and all its dynamics, to find out how it's working and the possible copying, adaptation and improvement for human purposes. Religion, in all its richness and diversity, based upon ancient writings and findings over past experiences.

But there is a third one. "Religio". Which literally means "source" and indicating the spiritual pathway to enlightenment. Every one of these three approaches are basically coming down to the same purpose.
Finding the truth. They may very much differ in their individual approach and the means to come to their goal. All of them are also bound by one an the same denominator. Every single on of them is using methods that go to the individual, and if that might not seem clear, they certainly all indicate to go to the inner world.​

The pathway I'm guided by is the one of "Esotery". Indicating the way to the inside, in opposition of its counterpart "exotery". Esotery is leading, through the means of meditation and behavior assessment, to a deeper understanding of our true nature. The nature of our being is not the identification with our mind as we tend to believe. Our mind is a part of who we are, as the processor to a computer. It might take a very important role in the overall configuration, but it is not the computer on itself. Through various forms or awareness, and there are numerous tools we have at our disposal here in the west, as psycho- analysis, Alchemy, Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah,...​

All these tools are indicators leading to a deeper understanding of who we are as an individual and our relation to the whole. They mirror aspects an patterns of behavior, conditionings and identifications with mental constructions, projections and ideas. All with the purpose of becoming aware of ourselves. Leading to a growing consciousness about ourselves and the identification with our mind, will bring us in contact with the non-material aspect of who we are, a human
"being". It is in this growing consciousness, characterized by the undoing of identification and patterns, that we encounter our "being", our natural state, our inner peace, silence and eternal existence.

The only place of inner peace and freedom.



"He who
is not free,

is bound.

And he,
who is bound,
cannot live freely".


Only in absolute freedom relies the beauty of who we are.
It is there, where we can be truly ourselves, that we encounter happiness.


As we have seen above, we have to become aware of our conditionings, our baggage of values and attitudes that don't belong to us. Very often, and this occurs often unconsciously, we are keeping it all inside, living our lives through this filter of conditionments and projecting it upon the people around us. Blaming them for the situation, like pointing out our finger to our parents, our education, the external environment or whatever excuse that we can make up.

And that doesn't mean we have to neglect the influences of the past. They are, in many cases sheer reality. So is the pain inside us!
Pointing the finger at the past to find inner justification makes no sense. There can always someone be found outside to blame and so we are part of a generation blaming our predecessors. Living in anger and resentment up to a belief system as the Big Bang, Adam & Eve or God.

The question is,
"Does this blaming really contribute to the healing of your pain"?
More meaningful is to take responsibility for our own part in this matter. The pain inside us, and no one can take it away but we. It resides in us, and we and only we can find the courage and strength to face it. To open ourselves to see what really happened back there. Only than we'll be able to relive the situation, regardless on which level it will cause us pain, and let go of it. It will desolve in the eyes of our awareness. And only than, when it dissolves, we will be freed from it. It can not longer harm or hurt us. 


In this gained freedom, we'll now be able to see the pattern acquired in the past and which limited our existence. We'll be able to recognize them in other life situations and will be able to act upon in from a loving way, in respect with ourselves. No longer projecting it through your pain, and causing the same pain as once has been caused to us. It frees us from making the same mistakes that were done to us, and we blamed the other. This is how the old pattern gets broken instead of maintained, generation after generation.


Because we gained more freedom!

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