Our main motivation
is the one we all have in common,

"becoming aware"



Regardless of the importance
Tango takes in your life,
whether it's leisure time,
social, cultural or artistic
it is above all

"a dance".

In order to dance,
we have to become a dancer.

This entails

the development of you,
your body and your mind,
through some very precise
priorities of integration,

and shifts your learning from
"what" you want to learn to
"how" you want to learn.



Looking at contemporary Tango Teachings
you'll notice they are mainly focused upon
teaching figures and sequences.


​Although they have
their importance in the process,
it is an incomplete approach
that keeps dancers away from
developing their full potentials.

Elements like mechanisms of
the body, movement and communication,
which are the very fundamentals of figures
deserve a higher priority in this process.


​It takes a whole other approach
in order to create a dancer.



Very often we speak in terms of
'I learn Tango, or I dance Tango',
referring to some activity that seems
to reside somewhere outside ourselves.


While in fact it is the "I", the very individual
that is learning, becoming aware and integrating all the various elements that entail this dance.


It is the "I" that
develops and becomes a dancer,
that dances Tango.

The more we master all the elements,
the more we are discovering ourselves,
how to get along with it, becoming the move,

"being Tango"!



Becoming aware of
the very masculine and feminine

characteristics and energies in man and woman
is by far one of the most fascinating and influencing aspects in your development  as a dancer.

Everyone can learn technique,
but when it comes to gender,

both man and women go

around it in very different ways.

© 2016 by Tarquino

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