Tango Coaching


With this coaching page we want to tackle topics which are crucial in your development as a Tango dancer. The degree to which we are aware of these factors determines whether they will work for us or against us. Since the second most desired element in Tango, apart from the much coveted 'connection', the search for 'harmony' is, with yourself in a first place, your movement, the movement with the other and ultimately with the music, we all benefit from being aware of these elements. The sole purpose of this teaching is to contribute to each one of you who has questions, uncertainties, doubts or is still ignorant about where he is as a dancer in the big picture of his development. It would be a true blessing to contribute to your process and see you grow, how you open your flower and spread the beauty and incense of your potentials. Good luck.


Coaching sessions

None of our tools can be seen as separated entities. In the appearance of conflict, and impact in life, trauma, disease, illness, regardless whether it is acute or chronic, there are always three levels to assess in order to find the true cause of it.


These coachings are assisting people on the most prominent level of conflict. A physical approach includes exercises and growing awareness in the contact with oneself. While the mental approach benefits a deeper scanning on the level of experiences and ultimately establishing a deeper contact with your inner soul as the conductor of your life. 




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