Tango Coaching



Personal assistance online.
Recap video to practice at home.

Efficient analytical teaching.


Working on individuals skills,

mechanisms of movement and dissociation,
weight transfer, etc.


Webcam & Skype account.

Fee: 15 eur./hr./p.

Payment through Bank /Paypal.




Our body

Our body is the very instrument with which we experience reality. From thinking to feeling, from thoughts to emotions, all are passing through the body in order to learn or to become more aware of what life is.

Experiences, when lived through, make us grow. Retaining experiences will ultimately settle in the body and cause physical and mental distress, pain and symptoms.
We can resist them for quiet some time but time doesn't change the cause, cos in time pain and death are always right.


Our mind

Our mind is a powerful instrument we have at our disposal. It's the  processor of our lives, it creates our experiences, good and bad ones.

Through this experiences, remained in our memory, we create an identity. But is our identity really ours, or is it created through some bad experiences and we don't feel really comfortable with ourselves.

We are not our experiences, nor memories, but when retained they will most likely form an obstacle in our further growing. Growing into who we really are,...powerful and free creating beings.


Our Soul

....or the life force which is living through us, resulting as an immense powerful energy in search for growing, to become more conscious.

It is the life force that sets us free from thinking, that guides us through our experiences and often called as our inner voice.

The contact brings clarity in the form of purpose or sense in our life while being disconnected results into despair and unhappiness.


Coaching sessions

None of our tools can be seen as separated entities. In the appearance of conflict, and impact in life, trauma, disease, illness, regardless whether it is acute or chronic, there are always three levels to assess in order to find the true cause of it.


These coachings are assisting people on the most prominent level of conflict. A physical approach includes exercises and growing awareness in the contact with oneself. While the mental approach benefits a deeper scanning on the level of experiences and ultimately establishing a deeper contact with your inner soul as the conductor of your life. 




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