A teaching with



Argentine Tango is a
true reflection of life itself.

A man and woman,
two opposing individuals,
embracing each other,
in the game of polarities.


oneself and the other
through body, mind and soul,
finding each other
in rhythm and movement,
on the path towards
harmony and freedom,

because who is not free, is bound,
and who is bound, cannot move freely.


a·wareness - (ə-wâr′) - adj.

1. Having knowledge or discernment of something,

2. Attentive and well informed:

3. Archaic Vigilant; watchful.


The word "Awareness" remains to many as unclear. But in fact its meaning is rather simple. Awareness is nothing more, or less, than the result of a learning process.  Regardless the field of manifestation,  physical, psycho- emotional or spiritual, your awareness got to a higher state after an action, a course or an education. You became more aware than before.

Why not just call it Tango as awareness equals learning?

Well, there is a significant difference in content of teachings. Whereas most common teachings are based upon figures and sequences, Tango Awareness embodies an holistic approach in the development of body AND mind.

Elements as focus, concentration, intention and intensity of movement, have a tremendous impact on our development. They can either work for or against us. So we have to become aware of them to optimize our potentials.


Knowing this it's pretty logical that it became "Tango Awareness".



From a young age it was clear that my path would have to do with teaching or instructing people, guiding them in one way or another. At first this became apparent in the form of teaching various sport and recreational activities in sports camps and playgrounds.

Later on this found its extension in a partial education in sports teaching and physiotherapy, where my skills were supplemented with the necessary didactic and methodological backbone as well as a well-focused knowledge of the human body and its bio-mechanics.

Professionally, my talents were allowed to triumph in management and training management for a number of leading international companies in which my organizational and insightful characteristics of Human Potential Development could run at full speed in the formation and development of people and their potential.

However, at the age of thirty, I left these fields of expertise behind to fully devote myself to a deep spiritual transformation process for self-realization. Shedding the backpack of the past with all possible conditionings, values ​​and norms incorporated or imposed by education, family, social, cultural and political tendencies to find my true self.

In parallel with this decision, Argentine Tango crawled into my life. A contact that caused an intense passionate tsunami and plunged right into my true core, penetrating my soul. Everything was suddenly Tango. Years of intensive classes, dancing and absorbing ​everything that was possible, soon led to pass on the knowledge in my own classes.

But Tango is not obvious. Its complexity indicates precisely what you are ready for. With this knowledge I went looking for some crucial answers to questions to harmonize my Tango. However, after a fruitless search in the Belgian schools, no answer was found.

Buenos Aires was the place where I could find these answers. Life brought me strangely enough together with world-class dancers and maestro's, some of whom could confirm my findings about current methodologies and the education of dancers. This confirmation had the effect as a torpedo on both the evolution of my own dance and the further development of my methodology, Tango Awareness.

An approach in which both body and mind are taken into consideration, bringing the focus to

yourself, the only place where learning is possible. A very transformational journey.



Having lived
in the heart of Tango,
Buenos Aires,
changes you,
your perception,
your learning,
your teaching

but most of all

your perspective.

© 2016 by Tarquino

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