Watch it!

Here you will find a general
roll out of our methodology.


Basically the evolution of a dancer
occurs on three different levels.


The level of the mind, the body
and figures and sequences.


Throughout these videos we tried
to give you insights into each topic.

I hope you'll find it useful.


the mind

The most important tool

of our mind is "focus".

The way we are aware of it

determines whether it works

for or against us.

"It's all about
becoming aware,
cos if you are not aware,
who is doing the things
you are doing"?


Chapter nr.1



" 4 elements
for each side
of the equation"


Chapter nr.1


Focus of the man

" The key to leading with clarity"


Chapter nr.1


Focus of women

" A doorway to female expression"


Chapter nr.1


Active Movement

" Manifesting and finding your place"


Chapter nr.1


Being in your axis

An axis works the most efficient
when it's free of friction and in-working forces.

So, it's not keeping or holding your axis,
that is condensing your energy and
creates loss of freedom of movement.


Chapter nr.1


Dischance of energy

"El Punto Neutro" ,

to be together

in the movement

all the time.


the Body

Tango dance

Two mechanisms;

the communication channel
of the embrace and the dissociation.

"It's all about
becoming aware,
cos if you are not aware,
who is doing the things
you are doing"?


Evolution of the Communication channel

" An impulse through the physical channel

is not only felt but also transmitted with clarity and intensity.

A means impossible to the mind,
unless by interpretation and anticipation.


But than it's no longer communication.



A doorway
to so much more
liberty of movement,
stability, and communication.

Tango dance

There are two
basic steps in Tango,

" Step & Pivot".

One to move forward,
the other to change direction.

Combined with communication and dissociation, they become ocho forward and backward

Figures & Sequences



through dissociation with step & pivot

"From top to bottom"